September 2018 Issue of the Global Labour Journal now available

October 9, 2018

The latest edition of the Global Labour Journal is available online. You can access the issue here. The Global Labour Journal is an open-access, fully peer-reviewed online journal. 


The Journal serves as a forum to capture the plentiful and diverse scholarly work emerging on labour activities worldwide. It seeks to explore the role of globalisation in breaking down boundaries between the global/local and the public/private as they relate to labour activities.

Our aim is to provide a global forum for scholarly work on a comparative sociology of labour movements. Thus our intention is to understand, record and promote the transition of the labour movement into a new form of global unionism, and to highlight how labour activities are increasingly shaped by global forces.


September 2018 Contents


The Trade-Labour Nexus: Global Value Chains and Labour Provisions in European Union Free Trade Agreements
Mirela Barbu, Liam Campling, Adrian Smith, James Harrison, Ben Richardson
Austerity, Labor Market Reform and the Growth of Precarious Employment in Greece during the Eurozone Crisis

Geoff Kennedy

Why Do Trade Unions Engage in Wage Coordination, Although It Does Not Work? Evidence from the German Metal Sector
Martin Seeliger

Brazilian Labour Reform in Historical Perspective
Roberto Véras de Oliveira

A Right-Wing Workers' Movement? Impressions from Germany
Klaus Dörre

Class Power and Union Capacities: A Research Note on the Power Resources Approach
Alexander Gallas

The Spectre of Social Democracy: A Symptomatic Reading of the Power Resources Approach
Jörg Nowak

Review of: Megha Amrith (2016) Caring for Strangers: Filipino Medical Workers in Asia
Jemima Joy Gbadago

Review of: Anne Zacharias-Walsh (2016) Our Unions, Our Selves: The Rise of Feminist Labour Unions in Japan
Zita Lui

Review of: Ching Kwan Lee (2017) The Specter of Global China: Politics, Labor and Foreign Investment in Africa
Sadhika Nanda

Review of: Tom Barnes (2016) Informal Labour in Urban India: Three Cities, Three Journeys
Garima Singh

Review of: Amrita Pande (2014) Wombs in Labor: Transactional Commercial Surrogacy in India
Edward Webster

Review of: Bridget Kenny (2018) Retail Worker Politics, Race and Consumption in South Africa: Shelved in the Service Economy
Jennifer Jihye Chun

Review of: Sabrina Zajak (2017) Transnational Activism, Global Labor Governance and China
Stefan Schmalz

Review of: Elaine Hui (2018) Hegemonic Transformation: The State, Laws, and Labour Relations in Post-Socialist China
Lu Zhang




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