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Questions of Method Seminars - Readings

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

Workshop 3 outline 

Henri Lefebvre. 1991. The Production of Space. Basil Blackwell: pp. 323-326. (on land and nature).


Fernando Coronil. (1997). The Magical State: Nature, Money and Modernity in Venezuela. Chapter 1 “History’s Nature.” University of Chicago Press. (Coronil expands on the fragment on land and nature in useful ways - esp. pp. 56-65)


Gillian Hart. 2006. Denaturalizing Dispossession: Critical Ethnography in the Age of Resurgent Imperialism. Antipode 38(5): 977–1004.

Gillian Hart. 2018. Relational Comparison Revisited: Marxist Postcolonial Geographies in Practice. Progress in Human Geography 42(3): 371-394 (esp. pp.376-387; 385-390).

Philip McMichael.1990. Incorporating Comparison within a World-Historical Perspective: An Alternative Comparative Method. American Historical Review 55 (3): 385–97.

Shu-Mei Shih. 2015. World Studies and Relational Comparison. Publications of the Modern Languages Association 103(2): 430-438.

Karl Marx. 1857 Introduction to the Grundrisse.

Stuart Hall. 2003 [1974] “Marx’s Notes on Method: A ‘Reading’ of the ‘1857 Introduction.’” Cultural Studies 17 (2): 113–49.

Bertell Ollman. 2003. Dance of the Dialectic: Steps in Marx’s Method. University of Illinois Press

Derek Sayer. 1989. The Violence of Abstraction: The Analytic Foundations of Historical Materialism. Oxford: Basil Blackwell (esp. Chapter 6 “The Historicity of Concepts”).

Henri Lefebvre. 1991. The Production of Space. Basil Blackwell: pp. 65-67 (on regressive/progressive method).


Antonio Gramsci. 1971. Selections from the Prison Notebooks of Antonio Gramsci.  “Analysis of Situations.  Relations of Force” (pp. 397-411 Electronic Book). 

Louis Althusser. 1962. For Marx: Chapter on “Contradiction and Overdetermination”

Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey & Michael Rustin. 2013. After Neoliberalism: Analysing the Present. (the Kilburn Manifesto).

John Clarke. 2019. A Sense of Loss? Unsettled Attachments in the Current Conjuncture. New Formations 96: 132-146.

Lawrence Grossberg. 2019. Cultural Studies in Search of a Method, or Looking for Conjunctural Analysis. New Formations 96: 38-68. 

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