September Issue of the Global Labour Journal now available

The September 2020 issue of the Global Labour Journal is now available online. You can access all of the articles here:

Table of Contents


Times of Upheaval and Uncertainty: The Year in Review

Maria Lorena Cook, Madhumita Dutta, Alexander Gallas, Jörg Nowak, Ben Scully


Local Dynamics as a Resource for Labour Protests: The Case of Wildcat Strikes in the Metal Industry in Turkey, 2012–2016

Isil Erdinc

The Social Foundations of Structural Power: Strategic Position, Worker Unity and External Alliances in the Making of the Chilean Dockworker Movement

Katy Fox-Hodess and Camilo Santibáñez Rebolledo

Korean Suicide Protest as Anomic Response to Labour Disempowerment

Minsun Ji

Capital Comes North: Exploring the Discursive Challenges to International Solidarity among Nickel Miners in Sudbury, Ontario

Adam D.K. King

Seeing the “Changing Nature of Work” through a Precarity Lens

Richard W. Mallett

Novel Labour-related Clauses in a Trade Agreement: From NAFTA to USMCA

Christoph Scherrer

Global Issues

Capital, the Right, and a New Age for Labour Scholarship

Rina Agarwala

Worker Organisation in Precarious Times: Abandoning Trade Union Fetishism, Rediscovering Class

Maurizio Atzeni

Reflections on Class Struggle in the Twenty-first Century

Peter Evans

The COVID-19 Lockdown in India: A Predictable Catastrophe for Informal Labour

Rohini Hensman

Book Reviews

Kally Forrest (2019) Bonds of Justice: The Struggle for Oukasie

Reviewed by Bill Freund

Julia Harnoncourt (2018) Unfreie Arbeit: Trabalho escravo in der brasilianischen Landwirtschaft

Reviewed by Laurin Blecha

Edouard Morena, Dunja Krause and Dimitris Stevis (eds.) (2020) Just Transitions: Social Justice in the Shift towards a Low-carbon World

Reviewed by Judson Abraham

Jamie Woodcock (2019) Marx at the Arcade: Consoles, Controllers, and Class Struggle

Reviewed by Benjamin Herr

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