June 2019 edition of the Global Labour Journal now available

The latest edition of the Global Labour Journal is available on the GLJ website for download. You can find all of the articles, book reviews and global issues here

Table of Content


(Re)Conceptualising Unfree Labour: Local Labour Control Regimes and Constraints on Workers’ Freedoms - Judy Fudge

Lean Work and Gender Inequalities: Manufacturing Consent at a Multifunctional Car Plant in Provincial Russia - Martin Krzywdzinski, Grzegorz Lechoswki, Valentina Mählmeyer

The “Double-edged Sword” of Institutional Power: COSATU, Neo-liberalisation and the Right to Strike - Carin Runciman

Global Issues

Explanations for the Current Crisis in Venezuela: A Clash of Paradigms and Narratives - Steve Ellner

Book Reviews

Verity Burgmann (2018) Globalisation and Labour in the Twenty-first Century - Reviewed by Maurizio Atzeni

Andreas Bieler and Adam David Morton (2018) Global Capitalism, Global War, Global Crisis - Reviewed by Diego Araujo Azzi

Bob Barnetson (2018) Canada’s Labour Market Training System - Reviewed by Alexandru Caldararu

Manjusha Nair (2016) Undervalued Dissent: Informal Workers’ Politics in India - Reviewed by Neethi P.

Jennifer N. Fish (2017) Domestic Workers of the World Unite: A Global Movement for Dignity and Human Rights - Reviewed by Sonal Sharma


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