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SWOP Working Paper 10

The political economy of corruption: elite-formation, factions and violence



Karl von Holdt

SWOP has launched the recent working paper. 

SWOP Working Papers on a just transition from coal (working paper 11,12, 13)


Dinero Skosana, Jackyn Cock and Victor Munnik

Land, Migration and Belonging: A history of the Basotho in Southern Rhodesia 1980 - 1960s (2019)


Jospeh Mujere -  SWOP Research Associate 

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Bonds of Justice: The Struggle for Oukasie (2019)



Kally Forrest - SWOP Research Associate 

The Story of One Tells the Struggle of All: Metalworkers Under Apartheid


Mandlenkosi Makhoba and Petrus Tom

The Story of One tells the Struggle of All is the third book in the Hidden Voices series.

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