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SOMA Summer | Marcelo Expósito

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Marcelo Expósito

Thursday, 9 July

12:00 Mex – 13:00 EST – 10:00 PST— [19:00 South Africa]

“We dematerialise again”

What relation exists between Rauschenberg erasing De Kooning’s drawing in 1953

and the demolition of colonial statues in the present day by the global anti-racist

movement? In what way are we initiating a new dematerialisation of art in which

there are echoes of Oscar Masotta of 1968, inspired by the Soviet Lissitzy? How does

the social justice tradition connect with the new demands of reparations for the

historical abuses of the capitalist-patriarchal-colonial regime (Suely Rolnik) which is

being proposed in a resounding manner by the fourth global wave of feminism, the

youth movement against the climate emergency and the scream of “I can’t breathe”?

Now that it is evident that the subaltern subject can indeed speak, forcefully, does

the privileged subject have the right to speak of justice?


Marcelo Expósito is an artist, teacher and cultural critic. He has participated in social

movements for democratic radicalisation for three decades and has served as

secretary and representative in the Spanish legislature (Congress of Deputies, 2016-

2019). He has exhibited extensively internationally and he has published books such

as “Walter Benjamin, productivist” (2013) and “Plebeian discourses” (2019).

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