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Crashed conversations: Two webinars with Prof Adam Tooze

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Crashed conversations

Two webinars with Prof Adam Tooze, author of the 'masterly

and monumental' Crashed: how a decade of financial crises change the world.

Hosted by Wiser, SWOP, History Workshop & UJ History


Webinar 2

Adam Tooze on the World after Covid-19

Date: Wednesday 29 July @ 16h00

Tooze has put together a short piece, timeline and a set of readings that you can find here:

Overtaken By The Anthropocene, Adam Tooz
Download • 1.85MB

See below for more readings:

Download • 240KB
Perry Anderson
. Critique of Tooze_NLR_11
Cedric Durand_In the Crisis Cockpit_NLR
Download • 285KB

Robert Brenner, Escalating Plunder, NLR
Download • 76KB

Watch the video from the first webinar: Johannesburg Conversations with Adam Tooze: a panel discussion of Crashed

Watch a short video interview with Tooze on 'The World After the Coronavirus Crash':

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