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Videos & Presentations

13 March 2015

A Breakfast Seminar and launch of a SWOP Working Paper


Title: 'No chief ever bought a piece of land!' Struggles over property, community and mining in the Bakgatla-ba-Kgafela Traditional Authority Area, North West Province

(Part 1)


Presented By: Dr Sonwaible Mnwana (SWOP Researcher)

27 February 2015

A Breakfast Seminar and launch of a SWOP Working Paper


Title: 'Fighting Their Own Battles: The Mabarete and The End of Labour Broking in the South African Post Office

(Part 1)


Presented By: Professor David Dickinson
(Sociology Department, Wits)

14 November 2014

A Breakfast Seminar


Title: 'Has Democracy Failed Women? 'A review of strategies inside and outside the state'

(Part 1)


Presented By: Professor Shireen Hassim
(Department of Politics, Wits)

27 October 2014

A Breakfast Seminar


Title: 'Manhood, Mining and Migrancy'

(Part 1)


Presented By: Professor Dunbar Moodie
(Honorary Research Associate, SWOP)

19 September 2014

A Breakfast Seminar


Title: 'Women in Marikana: the invisible hands'

(Part 1)


Presented By: Dr Asanda Benya (PhD Fellow, SWOP)

6 June 2014

Launch of a new report


Title: 'Demanding the Impossible? Platinum Mining Profits and Wage Demands in Context'

(Part 1)


Presented By: Andrew Bowman and Gilad Isaacs

Chair: Gavin Capps

23 May 2014

A Breakfast Seminar


Title: 'The ANC and the Black Middle Class'

(Part 1)


Presented By: Roger Southall
(Honorary Research Associate, SWOP)

11 April 2014

A Breakfast Seminar


Title: 'Party Politics and the Local State: Reflections from Buffalo City'

(Part 1)


Presented By: Dr Tatenda Mukwedeya (PhD Fellow, SWOP)

13 March 2014

SWOP Workshop - South Africa: Development Failure or Neoliberal Success


Title: 'South Africa: The Transition to Violent Democracy'

(Part 1)


Presented By: Professor Karl Von Holdt (Director, SWOP)

Introduction: Nicolas Pons-Vignon

Discussant: Mark Heywood

Title: 'Expectations and Outcomes: Considering Competition and Corporate Power in South Africa under Democracy'

Presented By: Trudi Makhaya & Simon Roberts

Title: 'Stuck in Stabilisation? South Africa's Post-Apartheid Macro-Economic Policy between Ideological Conversion and Technocratic Capture'

Presented By: Aurelia Segatti & Nicolas Pons-Vignon

Discussant: Dinga Sikwebu

Title: 'Rents, Violence and Access: BEE and South Africa's Transition to Democracy'

Presented By: Roger Southall & Don Lindsay

Discussant: Mcebisi Ndletyana

Title: 'South Africa\s Fragile Political Settlement'

Presented By: Nicolas Pons-Vignon, Aurelia Segatti &
Karl Von Holdt

Response: Ronnie Kasrils

14 March 2014

A Breakfast Seminar


Title: 'What Death Does a Corpse Die: Colonial Delinquency and Township Gangs in the early 1990s

(Part 1)


Presented By: Mbuyiseni Ndlozi (PhD Fellow, SWOP)

14 February 2014

A Breakfast Seminar


Title: 'Patronage politics divides us'

(Part 1)


Presented By: Mcebisi Ndletyana (Head: Political Economy Faculty Mapungubwe Institute)

15 November 2013

A Breakfast Seminar


Title: 'The NDP and the Economy: Radical Shift or Radical Regression?'

(Part 1)


Presented By: Neil Coleman (Strategies Co-ordinator in the COSATU Secretariat)

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