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NOTE: Please note that we are in the process of re-organising the publications sections on our website and full list of publications is currently incomplete. 

Von Holdt, K. (2018) ‘Reading  Bourdieu  in  South  Africa:  Order  Meets Disorder', in Medvetz, T and Sallaz, J.J (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Pierre Bourdieu , Oxford Handbooks.


Chinguno, C. (2015) ‘Strike violence after South Africa’s democratic transition’ . Chapter 8. In V. Satgar & R. Southall (eds.), Cosatu in crisis (pp. 246-267). Sandton, Johannesburg: KMM Review publishing company (PTY) Ltd. 978-0-99223929-4-8.

Chinguno, C. (2015). The platinum belt strike wave: Breakdown in the institutionalisation of industrial conflict. Chapter 6. In G. Khadiagala & P. Naidoo & R. Southall & D. Pillay (eds.), New South African Review 5: Beyond Marikana (pp. 104-119). Johannesburg: Wits University Press. 978-1-86814-874-5.

Dorre, K. (2015). Beyond shareholder value? The impact of capital market-oriented business management on labor relations in Germany. Inequality, Uncertainity, and Opportunity (pp.85-117). Edited by Christian E. Weller. Urbana-Champaign: Labor and Employment Relations Association. ISBN: 978-0-913447-10-9

Dorre, K. (2015). Tests for the underclass: The social effects of activating labour market policy in Germany. The New Social Division: Making and unmaking precariousness. Edited by Donatella della Porta, Sakari Hanninen, Martti Siisiainen, and Tiina Silvasti. Hampshire, United Kingdon: Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN: 978-1-137-50933-8

Katsaura, O. (2015) ‘Violence and the enchantment of everyday life: Preliminary insights’, in Mathey K & Matuk S (eds), Community-Based Urban Violence Prevention: Initiatives from Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Arab Region, Bielefeld, Transcript Verlag.

Masondo, T.J., Orkin, F.M., & Webster, E.C. (2015). Militants or managers? Cosatu and democracy in the workplace. Chapter 8. In V. Satgar & R. Southall (eds.), Cosatu in crisis (pp. 192-216). Sandton, Johannesburg: KMM Review publishing company (PTY) Ltd. 978-0-99223929-4-8.

Webster, E. (2015). Labour after Globalization: old and new sources of power In A. Bieler & R. Erne & D. Golden & I. Helle & K. Kjeldstadli & T. Matos & S. Stan (eds.), Labour and transnational action in times of crisis (pp. 115-127). London: Rowman & Littlefield International. 978-1-7834-8277-1.


Webster, E. & Morris, C., ‘Trade unions and the Challenge of Economic Inequality: An Unresolved Debate’, in Gallas, A., Herr, H., Hoffer, F., & Scherrer, C. (eds.), Combating Inequality: The Global North and South, Routledge, London. 978-1-7834-8277-1


Von Holdt, K & Langa, M (2012) ‘Insurgent Citizenship, Class Formation and the Dual Nature of a Community Protest: A Case Study of 'Kungcatsha', in Dawson, M.C & Sinwell, L (eds), Contesting Transformation: Popular Resistance in Twenty-First Century South Africa , Pluto Press.

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