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Other Publications

NOTE: Please note that we are in the process of re-organising the publications sections on our website and full list of publications is currently incomplete. 


Webster, E., Cock, J., & Lambert, R. (2016). Challenging Corporate Capital: Alteranative to Neo-liberalism. ROSA Luxemburg Stiftung. 


Bieler, A. & Cock, J. ’Food sovereignity and fair trade’. Global Labour Column no 211. September 2015


Butler, A. & Southall, R. (2015). Introduction: Understanding the ANC at sub-national level.

Transformation, 87 pp. 1 - 12.


Cock, J.E. (2015). Moving towards an alternative eco-socialist order in South Africa. At Issue Ezine, 17 (5), pp. 22 - 28.


Cock, J. & Wainwright, H. ‘Transformative Trade Unionism and Low-Carbon Futures’ Amsterdam: Transnational Institute, 2015.


Fig, D., et al. (2015) ‘Sugar and public health in South Africa: potential challenges to leveraging policy change’ in Global Public Health. An international Journal for research, policy and practice.  On Line ISSN: 1744- 1206


Mnwana, S. & Capps, G. (2015a). ‘New rural struggles on the platinum belt’. South Africa Labour Bulletin, Vol. 39 no. 2 April/May 2015, pages 30-34.


Mnwana, S. & Capps, G. (2015b). ‘Lesethleng: Modimo Mmalo’. South Africa Labour Bulletin, Vol. 39 no. 3 June/July 2015, pages 30-34.


Mnwana, S. & Capps, G. (2015c). ‘Motlhabe: ba-Kgafela or ba-Kautlwale’, South Africa Labour Bulletin, Vol.39 no. 3 June/July 2015, pages 35-38.


Webster, E. (2015) Searching for the elusive social pact, Institute for Justice and reconciliation, Cape Town.

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